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Mike Stern Releases
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Mike Stern
Trip (2017)

In 2016, Mike Stern suffered a serious injury when he fell in New York City. Since then, he has worked hard to get back his playing chops and write a new album.

True to form, Trip includes an all-star cast of musicians, including: Randy Brecker, Will Calhoun, Dennis Chambers, Bill Evans, Bob Franceschini, Edmond Gilmore, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Leni Stern, Dave Weckl, Lenny White, Victor Wooten, and more!

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Eric Johnson and Mike Stern
Eclectic (2014)

Two bona fide guitar heroes in their respective fields – Eric Johnson in the rock realm and Mike Stern in the jazz world – go toe-to-toe on Eclectic, a scintillating musical showcase that brings together their disparate influences in one potent package. Guitar aficionados of all stripes will stand slack-jawed hearing these formidable six-stringers exchanging high octane licks!

Stern sums up the project by saying "this whole record, even though we did it in the studio, was really recorded live. A couple of things were fixed but there was that spontaneous quality which is what we were looking for and I definitely think that's what we got. I really dig the way this record came out. It has a lot of energy and a lot of musicality.” 

Mike Stern
All Over The Place (2012)

Mike's brand new 11-song set aligns the characteristically diverse and adventurous guitarist with a cadre of brilliant guests, including trumpeter Randy Brecker; saxophonist Kenny Garrett; and drummers Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock and Lionel Cordew. Also on hand is a delegation of high-caliber electric and acoustic bass players: Esperanza Spalding, Richard Bona, Victor Wooten, Anthony Jackson, Dave Holland, Tom Kennedy, Will Lee and Victor Bailey.

“The guitar tends to keep you open-minded, because you hear it in so many places,” says Stern, listing many places he himself has ventured along the way – not just on All Over the Place, but in earlier work as well. “You hear it in rock, in country, in pop, in funk, in classical, you hear it in jazz, you hear it in so many kinds of music that you can immediately identify it on one level or another.”

Stern is ready at a moment’s notice to go to all of these places and more, and he’s ready and willing to bring anyone along for the ride. “Music, to me, is a language of the heart,” he says. “I hope people will get some emotional payoff from what I’ve done on this recording. That’s the vibe that I continue to go for with all of my music.” 

Mike Stern
Big Neighborhood (2009)

Mike's musical acquaintances speak for his tastes: Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker, John Scofield and Dennis Chambers are among his collaborators over the years. And of all those names, it is Stern's that represents jazz's closest accommodation with rock. He's very eclectic and the title of the record explains it all!

Over the years his music has been incorcorating into his music many genres: rock, jazz, Latin, African and Middle Eastern grooves and he has travelled the word: his playing transcends genres and he's just as likely to attract a rock crowd as much a discerning jazz audience. The world is his backyard. That's the reason why he calls his music ... his "big neighboorhood"! 

Mike Stern
Who Let The Cats Out? (2006)

Mike Stern, one of the most recognized and celebrated guitarists of his generation, released his Heads Up International worldwide debut album, Who Let the Cats Out?, on August 15, 2006. On Stern’s thirteenth release as a leader, the award winning three-time GRAMMY nominee continues to blur the boundaries between jazz, funk, blues and rock with eleven unique originals.

Who Let the Cats Out? was recorded in January 2006 and features a stunning lineup including bassists Richard Bona (who handles vocals on two tracks), Anthony Jackson, Meshell Ndegeocello, Chris Minh Doky and Victor Wooten, trumpeter Roy Hargrove, saxophonists Bob Franceschini and Bob Malach, drummers Dave Weckl and Kim Thompson, harmonica player Gregoire Maret, and keyboardist/producer Jim Beard.

Mike Stern
These Times (2004)

Combine the innovative guitar energy of legendary fusion master Mike Stern with old friends (bassist Richard Bona, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta) and new (saxman Kenny Garrett), and anything is bound to happen. But fans expecting raucous swinging and jamming the whole time may be surprised at the subtle lyricism and exotic explorations that define these times for their hero.

Yes, his electric is crackling on the hypnotic opener, "Chatter," but it's in the crazy, exotic context of a Middle Eastern vibe inspired by Pakistani great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (look out, Eddie Vedder!). Jim Beard's jumpy piano, Colaiuta's wild, New Orleans groove, and Garrett's swirling lines provide great support.

Once Stern and company have the listener's attention, they can become seductive with more intimate affairs like the Joe Zawinul-influenced "Silver Lining," which features an exotic falsetto vocal by Bona, a former Zawinul Syndicate member who also propels the tune with his increasingly muscular basslines. Bona adds the same touch in a gentler way to the lush romance of "I Know You," featuring a soft-spoken harmony line by guest star banjo great Béla Fleck. This sequence of tunes sets the tone of the rest of the disc, which mixes more Khan-flavored gems (the colorful singalong "Mirage," featuring vocals by Elisabeth Kontomanou), soft ballads, and a sexy midtempo funk number.

Another highlight is the punchy bebop number "Remember," dedicated to Stern's longtime collaborator - the late Bob Berg.

Mike Stern
Voices (2001)

Most of Mike Stern's albums have been 100 percent instrumental; as a rule, he doesn't use vocalists because his guitar does all of the "singing." But Voices is an exception -- a highly engaging and memorable exception. This surprising and totally unexpected effort finds a 48-year-old Stern using wordless vocals in a manner that brings to mind fellow fusion guitarists Pat Metheny and Al DiMeola. Think of Metheny on Letter From Home and Still Life (Talking), or DiMeola on Orange and Blue, and one will know the type of approach that Stern is going for this time.

While the wordless vocals that Stern uses on Voices add a lot to the album, his guitar is still the focal point. This isn't the type of project in which the leader brings in an acclaimed jazz singer like Dianne Reeves or Kitty Margolis and features her prominently on standards -- that isn't what he was going for. Ultimately, the vocalists who Stern employs (who include Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Elizabeth Kantomanou) are there to serve and complement his guitar. 

Mike Stern
Play (1999)

Several notable guests join Stern and his core band for this release. Guitarists John Scofield and Bill Frisell and drummer Dennis Chambers each team with Stern on several tracks.

If you enjoy straight-ahead jazz, listen to Stern and Scofield on the title track, or mix in Bob Malach's tenor sax on "Outta Town." If you like your guitar music slightly more spacious and lyrical, try Stern and Frisell on the hypnotic "Blue Tone" or the pensive "All Heart." Finally, if you want to turn up the heat and move into some rock/funk-influenced fusion, then check out the groovy "Tipatina's," the bold rocker "Link," or the intensely funky "Big Kids."

It is no surprise, based on his other work, that Chambers, in particular, gives the band a kick in the musical pants inspiring bassist Lincoln Goines to enjoy the ride. 

Mike Stern
Give and Take (1997)

This is a relatively straight-ahead set by the distinctive guitarist Mike Stern, whose airy sound seems quite fresh in this context. Stern performs three standards ("I Love You," "Giant Steps" and "Oleo"), Jimi Hendrix's "Who Knows," and six originals, mostly in a trio with bassist John Patitucci and drummer Jack DeJohnette.

Percussionist Don Alias helps out on a few tracks; pianist Gil Goldstein is on two, and tenor great Michael Brecker nearly steals the show with three high-powered solos. Actually, the biggest surprise is "That's What You Think," a straight-ahead blues that has a very credible alto solo from guest David Sanborn.

All in all, an excellent outing. 

Mike Stern
Between The Lines (1996)

Mike Stern does what he does very, very well. He has carved out a unique niche for himself among modern fusion guitarists, a vision that combines funk and R&B bass/drum grooves with skittish melodies often involving extended chord fragments.

Stern's lead voice is one of the most distinctive in the genre as well, as his chorused and sometimes distorted tone is always prominently displayed. Stern is joined on this 1996 offering by frequent collaborator Bob Malach, a tenor player with a particular talent for laying screaming lines on top of smoking drum grooves as well as ably doubling and bringing to life Stern's often bookish and theoretical melodies.

Completing the band are twin rhythm sections, consisting either of Dave Weckl and Jeff Andrews or Lincoln Goines and Dennis Chambers.

Mike Stern
Is What It Is (1994)

Mike Stern is one of the more creative fusion guitarists, playing with the power of rock but often taking sophisticated improvisations.

On this passionate set (which consists of nine of his originals), Stern is joined by the keyboards of Jim Beard, bassist Will Lee, Dennis Chambers or Ben Perowsky on drums and (on three songs apiece) the tenors of Michael Brecker and Bob Malach.

Mike Stern
Standards (and other songs) (1992)

Guitarist Mike Stern, best-known for playing rock-oriented fusion and in more commercial settings, surprised many listeners by recording an album dominated by standards. Actually, there are three originals included among the 11 pieces, but Stern also digs into such songs as "Like Someone in Love," "Moment's Notice," Chick Corea's "Windows," and "Straight No Chaser."

Among Stern's sidemen on this fairly straight-ahead but adventurous set are trumpeter Randy Brecker, Bob Berg on tenor, and keyboardist Gil Goldstein. This little-known release is well-worth acquiring!

Mike Stern
Odds or Evens (1991)

This is a powerhouse date of high-powered fusion, mixing together the sound of rock with the musicianship and improvising of jazz.

With the assistance of tenor saxophonist Bob Berg, keyboardist Jim Beard and a rhythm section, guitarist Stern jams through a set of originals that serve as jumping-off devices for fairly long solos. The musicians really stretch themselves within the idiom and even the quieter numbers are full of intensity. 

Mike Stern
Jigsaw (1989)

Mike Stern rocks out on seven of his pieces. Stern is joined by his usual sidemen -- tenor saxophonist Bob Berg, keyboardist Jim Beard, electric bassist Jeff Andrews, either Peter Erskine or Dennis Chambers on drums plus percussionist Manolo Badrena.

The band plays with plenty of fire, yet a good amount of restraint. Michael Brecker is a guest on "Chief," jamming on his fairly anonymous-sounding EWI. Easily recommended to fans of the more adventurous rock guitarists. 

Mike Stern
Neesh (1985)

The debut recording by this former Miles Davis sideman incorporates many elements of jazz, most notably fusion.

This work also features David Sanborn. 

The Best of Mike Stern Sheet Music Book

17 guitar transcriptions with tab from this jazz guitarist who got his start playing with Miles Davis in the '80s. Includes: Chromozone * Little Shoes * Mood Swings * Nardis * Sunnyside * There Is No Greater Love * Wing and a Prayer * and more. 

Mike Stern Guitar Transcriptions

One of the finest fusion players on today's music scene, this collection of guitar transcriptions contains his best work, including: After All, Before You Go, Little Shoes, Upside Downside, and many more. 80 pages 

Mike Stern Original Scores

Mike discusses his background, the learning process, the importance of chord tones and embellishments, tension tones and lots of melodic ideas for major, minor and dominant chords. Additional solos include dozens of lines for the II-V-I progression plus 13 choruses of a jazz-blues jam. All is transcribed in music and tablature in the PDF included on the disc. 1 hr., 7 min. Run Time: 1:07

Ultimate Play-Along for Guitar

This product has been developed so that the beginner to intermediate level guitarist can practice in different styles along with all-star musicians including Mike Stern on guitar, John Patitucci on bass, and Dave Weckl on drums. This book and CD package contains two CDs: the first disc contains seven complete rhythm tracks with the guitar melodies and solos, and the second CD contains the rhythm tracks minus the guitar.

The book features complete transcriptions of all of Mike Stern's guitar parts and solos as well as tear-out "roadmap" charts for each tune. 

Hal Leonard Mike Stern DVD

This was Mike Stern's first instructional DVD. It includes four live performances by Mike and his band at the 55 Bar in New York City, a club in which Mike has played for many years.

Featuring an exclusive interview with New York-based jazz guitarist Satoshi Inoue, Stern offers his own analysis and explanation of each tune. The songs, including blues, a standard, a ballad, and a funk tune - were carefully selected by Mike himself in order to demonstrate every aspect of his style and technique. He also gives insight into his background, influences and practice routines, and provides a thorough review of his gear configurations.

This is everything you need to know about about a versatile guitar master! Includes lesson sheets. 1 hour, 6 minutes


Mike Stern Live
featuring Richard Bona, Dennis Chambers, and Bob Franceschini (2006)

Recorded at the New Morning Paris in 2004, this DVD features Mike Stern firey guitar work and Richard Bona's singing bass supported by legendary drummer Dennis Chambers and the brilliant tenor saxophonist, Bob Franceschini.

The band brings forth lyricism that will sound irresistible to music lovers everywhere!


Mike Stern Band
New Morning: The Paris Concert (2008)

A frequent world traveler, Mike Stern took his trio to Europe, Asia and elsewhere throughout much of 2006.

The ambitious itinerary included a memorable one-nighter at the New Morning, a longstanding and highly celebrated club in Paris. Backing Stern on this gig was the expert crew of saxophonist Bob Franceschini, bassist Tom Kennedy, and drumming legend Dave Weckl.

Appearances as a Sideman

Joe Amoruso Rosa del Mare di Mezzo (1992)
Les Arbuckle Bush Crew (1994)
Thomas Barth Seven Worlds (2001)
Marc Beacco The Crocodile Smile (1991)
Jim Beard Chroma - Music On The Edge (1990)
Bob Belden Manhattan Rhythm Club Prince Jazz Japanese release
Bob Berg Back Roads
Bob Berg Short Stories (1987)
Bob Berg Cycles (1988)
Bob Berg Games (1989, bootleg)
Bob Berg In The Shadows (1990)
Bob Berg Another Standard (1997)
Jerry Bergonzi Vertical Reality
Jeff Berlin In Harmony's Way (2001)
Charles Blenzig Charles Blenzig (1989)
Blood, Sweat & Tears Brand New Day (1976)
Blood, Sweat & Tears In Concert (1976)
Blood, Sweat & Tears More Than Ever
Blood, Sweat & Tears Live and Improvised (1992 or 1993)
Blood, Sweat & Tears What Goes Up! - The Best of Blood, Sweat & Tears
Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver - Convergence (2013)
David Clayton-Thomas - Bloodlines (1999)
Steps Ahead - live in Tokyo 1986
Michael Brecker - Don't Try This at Home
The Michael Brecker Band - live (1989, bootleg)
The Brecker Brothers - Return of the Brecker Brothers (1992)
The Brecker Brothers Live (1994, bootleg)
Bunny Brunel For You To Play
Bunny Brunel L.A. Zoo (1999)
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Vinne Catro New York City Soundscape
Billy Cobham Stratus (1981)
Billy Cobham Glassmenagerie
Michael Cunningham and Four Corners
Miles Davis The Man with The Horn (1981)
Miles Davis We Want Miles (1981)
Miles Davis Spring (1982, bootleg)
Miles Davis Star People (1983)
Michael Gerber This Is Michael Gerber
Lincoln Goines Funkifying the Cláve: Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums
Carola Grey Age Of Illusions
David Alan Gross The Final Answer to Everything (1997)
Jim Hall Dialogues
Tom Harrell The Art of Rhythm
Motohiko Hino It's There
Motohiko Hino Sailing Stone (1991)
Chris Hunter Say What You Mean (1993)
Dieter Ilg Summerhill (1991)
Jazz Sick Jazzsick
Jens Johansson Fission (1997)
Sninichi Kato & B-hot Creations Something Close To Love (1994)
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Dave Larue Hub City Kid (1992)
Eric LeLann New York (1990?)
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Michael Mantler Something There (1982)
Andrea Marcelli Silent Will (1990)
Andrea Marchesini Back To Europe (1990)
Pat Martino All Sides Now (1997)
Pippo Matino sa Tensione (1993)
Thierry Minea Paris
Dan Moretti Point of Entry
Shunzo O'No Manhattan Blue (1986)
Tiger Okoshi Tiger's Baku
Tiger Okoshi Two Sides to Every Story
Tiger Okoshi Echoes of a Note - a tribute to Louis "Pops" Armstrong (1993)
Ed Palermo Ed Palermo Big Band - Big Band Zappa
Eddie Palmieri Sueno (1989)
Jaco Pastorius Live in New York City - Volume 5: Raça (1984)
Jaco Pastorius Who Loves You - A Tribute to Jaco Pastorius
Georg Pommer Coast To Coast
Michael Pope Walk Your Dogma
Jeff Richman Fingerpaints
Alex Riel Unriel (1997)
Alex Riel Unriel (1997)
Doug Robinson Plays Well With Others (1998)
Randy Roos Mistral
Arturo Sandoval Swingin' (1996)
Steve Slagle High Standards
Steve Smith Vital Information (1983)
Steve Smith Global Beat (1986)
Lew Soloff Yesterdays (1986)
Spajazzy Spajazzy (1998)
Mr. Spats Dream Patrol
Harvie Swartz In A Different Light (1990)
Harvie Swartz Smart Moves (1986)
Harvie Swartz Urban Earth (1985)
Michal Urbaniak Michal Urbaniak (1981)
Jukkis Uotila Avenida (1987)
Jukkis Uotila Jukkis Uotila Band Live (1990, bootleg)
Roland Vazquez The Tides of Time (1987)
Ernesto Vitolo Piano & Bit (1992)
Kimo Williams War Stories (1990)
Yellowjackets Lifecycle
Bratislava Jazz Days '87 (1987)
Live at Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '95 (1995)
Mike Stern Band / Robin Eubanks Mental Images / Eric Marienthal Band
Various Artists - Atlantic Jazz Sampler

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